Beginner Horsemanship Class Series! 10 Classes.
$30 each or $22.50 Each if you buy all 10! - Check out the Schedule!
  1. Horse Language
    Horse Language
    Watch a Group of Horses gallop around together. Listen to instructors as they point out body-language cues and what they are saying to each other. Learn what the different positions of the horse’s ears mean. Learn how to use horse-language to tell a horse to “move” and side-by-side with an instructor, learn how to turn and stop the horse. This is a class where a student’s confidence will get a big boost. It is empowering to know we can speak the horse’s language and our tiny-human selves can get them to move away! This knowledge and empowerment goes a long way in all the other groundwork and riding lessons we teach.
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    Barn and Stall Cleaning
    Kids need to know it’s not just about the riding! Horses are a lot of work and responsibility. We help them “build their equestrian muscles” and learn how to clean a horse’s stall or paddock, sweeping, cleaning water buckets, etc. We make it fun of course… and believe us, they will LOVE cleaning the barn and you will be surprised because they won’t even clean their rooms!
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    Groom a Horse
    Learn the names of the 5 basic grooming tools, how to use them, how to be safe around the horses while grooming, and then practical application… groom until you’re good at it. Instead of gingerly touching the horse with the brushes and not cleaning them well, learn the proper pressure of each brush and grooming techniques. Grooming tools need care too! We will also learn how to clean the brushes!
  4. Colors of Horses
    Colors of Horses
    Is it “brown”? What is the redish-color called? How about the spotted ones? Is a white horse called white? See a variety of horses and learn the proper names of the colors! Do a take-home project to show what you know and to help you remember what you learned!
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    Horse Anatomy
    Learn 10 Horse anatomy names, or more if you're ready! It’s not a foot, it’s a hoof! It’s not “bangs”, it’s a forelock! Horse loving kids will be happy with themselves when they can talk about horses and sound knowledgeable! Hands on with the horses using labels and “dots” for younger ones. If you can memorize beyond 10 you may! Take home project included with this class too!
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    Halter and Leadrope
    Picking up a halter off a hook is confusing! Where does the horse’s nose go and how do you get it on the horse’s head? There are unsafe ways to hold a lead rope and we want to teach horse-crazy people the safest way to hold a lead rope before they lead a horse. Learn how to approach a horse to put a halter on. Learn techniques to get the halter on easily! Practice, practice, practice! Lot’s of hands on horse-time with this class!
  1. Lead a Horse
    Lead a Horse
    You have to know how to lead a horse well to take it out to ride it! We will practice, practice and help with confidence (or over confidence) and get the horse and handler “in sync” by the end of the class. Confidently and skillfully going through a lead-through obstacle course.
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    Ground Work #1
    This is our “Personal Bubble” exercise with the horse! Learn how to halt, slow walk, fast walk and maybe even trot side by side with your lesson horse all in perfect unison!
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    Yet another thing that needs lots of care if you are to be an equestrian! Learn Saddle types. Saddle “anatomy” and how to clean and condition the leather of the saddles.
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    Know Your Lingo
    What’s a filly and when does it become a mare? What’s a colt” What is “tack”? Does a horse “run”? With games and demonstrations and fun we will be learning and repeating horse-terminology! It is a lot of fun to know what you’re talking about when you are talking about one of your favorite animals!
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  6. Next Steps
    After this series, learn how to get involved with riding lessons and our NEXT STEP UP Horsemanship Class Series!
 Beginner Series SCHEDULE
  1. Groom a Horse
  2. 10 Horse Anatomy Names
  3. Colors of Horses
  4. Saddles!
  5. Groom a Horse
  6. Barn and Stall Cleaning
  7. Halter and Leadrope
  8. Horse Language
  9. Leading a Horse
  10. Groundwork Lesson #1
  11. Know Your Lingo
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