How to Get Started FAQ

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    When do Lessons Start?
    Literally, anytime!! Once you pick a spot for one of our time openings, you can start any time of the month, as a trial lesson or continual lessons.
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    How do I sign up?
    Contact us through any of our channels, pick a time slot for your lessons by communicating 1 on 1 with one of our instructors. When you arrive at your first lesson, you will sign waivers and then you/your kid get started right away.
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    What time do I arrive?
    Lessons start right at the start time you are given for your time slot. Each lesson includes getting the horse ready, so there is no need to arrive early, You're welcome to arrive early and watch other lessons! We will let you know when it's time to start getting your horse ready.
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    What should the student wear?
    We do have helmets available for borrowing but the best thing to do is get your own. You can get riding breeches, or wear jeans or leggings. Boots: 1" heel, over the ankle, minimal traction. Riding boots purchased should be "paddock boots" or cowboy/cowgirl boots.
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    Where can I purchase riding gear?
    Please visit our links page for recommendations on what to buy! Both online and in local stores.
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    Do I stay or drop my student off?
    You are welcome to do either! The honest answer is, most kids who are timid do better when parents are not there to watch. It's true! You can drop them off and do errands, but please be back at their pick up time. For clinics and camps, we recommend dropping off.
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    What if I need to cancel a lesson?
    Please visit our Student Info Page!
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